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Por ordem alfabética

Caliban - "Ghost Empire" [Ale]
Iced Earth - "Plagues Of Babylon" [E.U.A.] 
James Labrie - "I Will Not Break" [Can]
Legion Of The Damned - "Ravenous Plague" [Hol]
Malevolence - "Antithetical" [Por]
Perpetratör - "Thermonuclear Epiphany" [Por]
Scarificare - "Postulado" [Por]
Shear - "Katharsis" [Fin]
Van Canto - "Dawn Of The Brave" [Ale]

Abraham - "The Serpent, The Prophet & The Whore" [Sui]
An X Tasy - "III" [Por]
The Amenta - "Flesh Is Heir" [Aus]
Audrey Horne - "Youngblood" [Nor]
Bingo - "Ett grindslagsmål i 2 delar" [Sue]
Blood Of The Sun - "Burning On The Wings Of Desire" [E.U.A.]
Brutal Brain Damage - "Brain Soup" [Por]
Calamity Islet - "See The Colourless" [Por]
Cult Of Luna - "Vertikal" [Sue]
Dark New Day - "Hail Mary" [E.U.A.]
Darkside - "Prayers In Doomsday" [Bra]
Dementia 13 - "Tales For The Carnivorous" [Por]
The Dillinger Escape Plan - "One Of Us Is The Killer" [E.U.A.]
Earthship - "Iron Chest" [Ale]
Enslaved - "RIITIIR" [Nor]
Factory Of Dreams - "Some Kind Of Poetic Destruction" [Por]
For The Glory - "Lisbon Blues" [Por]
Gates Of Hell - "Critical Obsession" [Por]
Grand Supreme Blood Court - "Bow Down Before The Blood Court" [Hol]
Hatebreed - "The Divinity Of Purpose" [E.U.A.]
Hypocrisy - "End Of Disclosure" [Sue]
Intronaut - "Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)" [E.U.A.]
Kneel - "Interstice" [Por]
Long Distance Calling - "The Flood Inside" [Ale]
Milestones - "Entropy" [Irl]
Mors Principium Est - "...And Death Said Live" [Fin]
My Deception - "Sinful Twilight" [Por]
Nebulous - "Nebulos" [Por]
New Years Day - "Victim To Villain" [E.U.A.]
Nightwish - "The Score" [Fin]
Omnium Gatherum - "Beyond" [Fin]
Orphaned Land - "All Is One" [Isr]
Ov Hollowness - "The World Ends" [Can]
Primal Attack - "Humans" [Por]
Queensrÿche - "Queensrÿche" [E.U.A.]
Rackseed - "The Winter Is Coming" [Por]
Riding Pânico - "Homem Elefante" [Por]
Ruins - "Place Of No Pity" [Aus]
Sinistro - "Cidade" [Por]
Sirenia - "Perils Of The Deep Blue" [Nor]
Soilwork - "The Living Infinite" [Sue]
Sons Of Aeon - "Sons Of Aeon" [Fin]
Steve Hackett - "Genesis Revisited II" [Ing]
Suffocation - "Pinnacle Of Bedlam" [E.U.A.]
Switchtense - "10 Unbreakable Years" [Por]
T.A.N.K. - "Spasms Of Upheaval" [Fra]
The Mezmerist - "The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty" [E.U.A.]
The Tangent - "Le Sacre Du Travail" [Ing]
Thy Art Is Murder - "Hate" [Aus]
Under The Pipe - "After Sound Comes Silence" [Por]
Vision Of Atlantis - "Ethera" [Aus]
Voivod - "Target Earth" [Can]
Vreid - "Welcome Farewell" [Nor]

16 - "Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds" [E.U.A.]
Ace Of Hearts - "Monster" [Ing]
Adamantine - "Chaos Genesis" [Por]
Adrenaline Mob - "Omertà" [E.U.A.]
All Splintered Memories - "Love In The Animal Kingdom" [Por]
Anomally - "While The Gods Sleep" [Por]
An X Tasy - "The Calm Before The Storm" [Por]
Ashes - "Ecila" [Por]
Black Bombaim - "Titans" [Por]
Baroness - "Yellow & Green" [E.U.A.]
Black Messiah - "The Final Journey" [Ale]
Breedunder - "Subversion" [Por]
Caspian - "Walking Season" [E.U.A.]
Colosso - "Abrasive Peace" [Por]
Colossus Of Destiny - "Eden" [Fra]
Deep Coma - "Recording Abnormal Psychotic Episodes" [Por]
Destinity - "Resolve In Crimson" [Fra]
Devin Townsend Project, The [Can]
Digamma - "Guidance" [Por]
Disaffected - "Rebirth" [Por]
Dream Circus - "Land Of Make Believe" [Por]
Ektomorf - "The Acoustic" [Hun]
El Caco - "Hatred, Love & Diagrams" [Nor]
Epica - "Requiem For The Indifferent" [Hol]
Evocation - "Illusions Of Grandeur" [Sué]
Finsterforst - "Rastlos" [Ale] 
Gojira - "The Flesh Alive" DVD [Fra]
Gorod - "A Perfect Absolution" [Fra]
Haven Denied - "Illusions - Between Truth And Lies" [Por]
Headspace - "I Am Anonymous" [Ing]
High On Fire - "De Vermis Mysteriis" [E.U.A.]
Hooded Menace - "Effigies Of Evil" [Fin]
Horseback - "Half Blood" [E.U.A.]
Huata - "Atavist Of Mann" [Fra]
I, Machinery - "A1" [Por]
Inner Fear - "First Born Fear" [Cze]
Katabatic - "Heavy Water" [Por]
Korn - "Live At The Hollywood Palladium" [E.U.A.]
Krisiun - "The Great Execution" [Bra]
Late Night Venture - "Pioneers Of Spaceflight" [Din]
Liberteer - "Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees" [E.U.A.]
Lydia's Sleep - "Wires" [Por]
Mandibula - "Sacrificial Metal Of Death" [Por]
Murder Construct - "Results" [E.U.A.]
Napalm Death - "Utilitarian" [Ing]
Process Of Guilt - "Faemin" [Por]
Revolution Within - "Straight From Within" [Por]
Sektor 304 - "Subliminal Actions" [Por]
Serpentine Path - "Serpentine Path" [E.U.A.]
Shadowsphere - "Inferno" [Por]
Shear - "Breaking The Stillness" [Fin]
Sinistro - "Sinistro" [Por]
Sonne Adam - "Messengers Of Desolate Ways" [Isr]
Sylosis - "Monolith" [Ing]
Testament - "Dark Roots Of Earth" [E.U.A.]
The Firstborn - "Lions Among Men" [Por]
Thee Orakle - "Smooth Comforts False" [Por]
Urban War - "Reborn" [Por]
Venial Sin - "Sphere Of Morality" [Por]
Vertigo Steps - "surface/light" [Por/Fin]
Via Sacra - "The Road" [Por]

'77 - "High Decibels" [Esp]
Aborted - "Global Flatline" [Bél]
A Dream Of Poe - "The Mirror Of Deliverance" [Por]
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - "Tao Of The Dead" [E.U.A.]
Battle Of Britain Memorial - "The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings" [Fra]
Betraying The Martyrs - "Breathe In Life" [Fra]
Blut Aus Nord - "777 Sect(s)" [Fra]
Born Of Osiris - "The Discovery" [E.U.A.]
Catacombe - "Kinetic" [Por]
Cinemuerte - "Wild Grown" [Por]
Darkest Hour - "The Human Romance" [E.U.A.]
Deadlock - "Bizarro World" [Ale]
Decapitated - "Carnival Is Forever" [Pol]
Devil In Me - "The End" [Por]
Dredg - "Chuckles And Mr. Squeezy" [E.U.A.]
Echidna - "Dawn Of The Sociopath" [Por]
Equaleft - "...The Truth Vnravels" [Por]
Factory Of Dreams - "Melotronical" [Por]
Grog - "Scooping The Cranial Insides" [Por]
Heavenwood - "Abyss Masterpiece" [Por]
Human Sculpture - "Our World/Torn Down" [Fin]
In Flames - "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" [Sué]
In Tha Umbra - "Noire" [Por]
Iwrestledabearonce - "Ruining It For Everybody" [E.U.A.]
Karmakanic - "In A Perfect World" [Sué]
Lacuna Coil - "Dark Adrenaline" [Itá]
Lake Of Tears - "Illwill" [Sué]
Livarkahil - "Signs Of Decay" [Fra]
Long Distance Calling - "Long Distance Calling" [Ale]
Masque Of Innocence - "Overcoming Anger" [Por]
Men Eater - "Gold" [Por]
Neal Morse - "Testimony 2" [E.U.A.]
Omnium Gatherum - "New World Shadow" [Fin]
Origin - "Entity" [E.U.A.]
Panzerchrist - "Regiment Ragnarok" [Din]
Primordial Melody - "In Cold Blood Nihilism" [Por]
Red Fang - "Murder The Mountains" [E.U.A.]
Rival Sons - "Pressure & Time" [E.U.A.]
Robot Dealer - "Cave-Disco" [Por]
Sarah Jezebel Deva - "The Corruption Of Mercy" [Ing]
Scar Symmetry - "The Unseen Empire" [Sué]
Skypho - "Same Old Sin" [Por]
Smohalla - "Resilience" [Fra]
Solid Spectrum - "Spiritual And Carnal" [Por]
Suicide Silence - "The Black Crown" [E.U.A.]
Switchtense - "Switchtense" [Por]
Sylosis - "Edge Of The Earth" [Ing]
The Allstar Project - "Into The Ivory Tower" [Por]
The Devin Townsend Project - "Deconstruction" [Can]
The Devin Townsend Project - "Ghost" [Can]
The Haunted - "Unseen" [Sué]
The Ransack - "Bloodline" [Por]
Threat Signal - "Threat Signal" [Can]
Tornado - "Amsterdamn, Hellsinki" [Hol/Fin/E.U.A.]
Ulcerate - "The Destroyers Of All" [NZL]
Utopian.Hope.Dystopia.Nihilism - "Pact With Solitude" [Por]
Vader - "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" [Pol]
Vallenfyre - "A Fragile King" [Ing]
Vertigo Steps - "The Melancholy Hour" [Por]
W.A.K.O. - "The Road Of Awareness" [Por]
Winds Of Plague - "Against The World" [E.U.A.]

Angmar - "Zurück In Die Unterwelt" [Fra]
Aspera - "Ripples" [Nor]
Canchroid - "The First Slaughtering" [Por]
Coldfear - "Decadence In The Heart Of Man" [Por]
Crushing Sun - "Tao" [Por]
Dark Wings Syndrome - "Arcane" [Por]
Eyeblast - "Never Ending" [Por]
Factory Of Dreams - "A Strange Utopia" [Por]
Felattio - "We Suck A Lot" [Por]
Hate - "Erebos" [Pol]
Insanus - "Wrath Of Creation" [Por]
Intronaut - "Valley Of Smoke" [E.U.A.]
James Labrie - "Static Impulse" [Can]
Kallaikoi - "Cold Awakening" [Por]
La Fin Du Monde - "Monolith" [E.U.A.]
Machinergy - "Rhythmotion" [Por]
Maninfeast - "How One Becomes What One Is" [Por]
Mindlock - "Enemy of Silence" [Por]
Morbid Death - "Metamorphic Reaction" [Por]
Mourning Lenore - "Loosely Bounded Infinities" [Por]
Nevermore - "The Obsidian Conspiracy" [E.U.A.]
Oblique Rain - "October Dawn" [Por]
Requiem - "Infiltrate... Obliterate... Dominate" [Sui]
Secrecy - "Of Love And Sin" [Por]
Seven Stitches - "When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted" [Por]
Son Of Aurelius - "The Farthest Reaches" [E.U.A.]
Spiritual Beggars - "Return To Zero" [Sué]
Subdark - "Noir Coating" [Por]
Svart Crown - "Witnessing The Fall" [Fran]
Tesseract - "Concealing Fate" [Ing]
The Oath - "Self-Destructed" [Fra]
V/A - "Attack Vol. 1" [Por/Bra]
War From A Harlots Mouth - "MMX" [Ale]
Witchery - "Witchkrieg" [Sué]

A Dream Of Poe - "Sorrow For The Lost Lenore" [Por]
A Lone Variant - "Lo-Fi Experiments From A Dying Supernova" [Por]
Assassinner - "Other Theories Of Crime" [Por]
Battlelore - "The Last Alliance" [Fin]
Black Flame - "Imperivm" [Itá]
Blood Ceremony - "Blood Ceremony" [Can]
Breed Destruction - "It's Only The Beginning Of..." [Por]
Centaurus A - "Side Effects Expected" [Ale]
Cinemuerte - "Aurora Core" [Por]
Crimfall - "As The Path Unfolds..." [Fin]
Crossfaith - "Mixed Emotional" [Por]
Dagoba - "Face The Colossus" [Fra]
Darkside Of Innocence - "Infernum Liberus Est" [Por]
Dawn Of Tears - "Dark Chamber Litanies" [Esp]
Demon Dagger - "Cain Complex" [Por]
Dying Fetus - "Descend Into Depravity" [E.U.A.]
Eisbrecher - "Sünde" [Ale]
Falling Dusk - "Vitta" [Por]
Hatesphere - "To The Nines" [Din]
Headstone - "Within The Dark" [Por]
Hellsaw - Cold" [Áus]
Hermh - "Cold+Blood+Messiah" [Pol]
Insaniae/Mourning Lenore - "Daemonivm 3th Anniversary Celebration" [Por]
Ironwood - "Fire:Water:Ash" [Aus]
Isole - "Silent Ruins" [Sué]
General Surgery - "Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism" [Sué]
Khold - "Hundre Ar Gammal" [Nor]
Kronos - "Urbi Est Morbus" [Por]
Last Warning - "Throughout Time" [Itá]
Mind Odissey - "Time To Change It" [Ale]
Minsk - "With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone" [E.U.A.]
My Eyes Inside - "Anatomy Of Ties" [Por]
Noctem - "Divinity" [Esp]
Poema Arcanvs - "Timeline Symmetry" [Chi]
Process Of Guilt - "Erosion" [Por]
Revocation - "Existence Is Futile" [E.U.A.]
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - "Living For The Death, Destroying The Rest" [E.U.A.]
Sarke - "Vorunah" [Nor]
Satans Revolver - "The Circeville Massacre" [Por]
Simbiose - "Fake Dimension" [Por]
Switchtense - "Confrontation Of Souls" [Por]
The Burning - "Rewakening" [Din]
The Empire Shall Fall - "Awaken" [E.U.A.]
Thee Orakle - "Metaphortime" [Por]
Thyrfing - "Hels Vite" [Sué]
Unlight - "Death Concecrates With Blood" [Ale]

Addiction Crew - "Lethal" [Itá]
Arsonists Get All The Girls - "The Game Of Life" [E.U.A.]
Artas - "The Healing" [Áus]
Banshee And Something Else We Can't Remember - "This Place Is A Zoo" [Por]
Benea Reach - "Alleviat" [Nor]
Burning Sunset - "Bruma" [Por]
Canker - "Interactivist" [Por]
Catacombe - "Memoirs" [Por]
Cronaxia - "The Solution Above Continuity" [Por]
Debauchery - "Continue To Kill" [Ale]
Dreamscape - "Revoiced" [Ale]
Diagonal - "Diagonal" [Ing]
Dimension Zero - "He Who Shall Not Bleed" [Sué]
EAK/Crushing Sun - "Bipolar" [Por]
Emergency Gate - "Nightly Ray" [Ale]
Endamage - "Apotheosis" [Por]
Era Vulgaris - "What Stirs Within" [Irl]
Eternal Deformity - "Frozen Circus" [Pol]
Evergrey - "Torn" [Sué]
Forgodsfake - "Life Or Debt" [Por]
For The Glory - "Survival Of The Fittest" [Por]
Gwen Stacy - "The Life I Know" [E.U.A.]
Gwydion - "Ynis Mön" [Por]
In Tha Umbra - "Thvs Open Thine Eerie Wings Like An Eagle And Soar The Winds Of Chaos" [Por]
Hipnoid - "Chaos" [Bra]
Kivimetsän Druidi - "Shadowheart" [Fin]
Kneeldown - "Volcano" [Por]
Knights Of The Abyss - "Shades" [E.U.A.]
Lawmaker - "Look At The Sun" [Bra]
Mahatma - "Perseverance" [Cor]
Marionette - "Spite" [Sué]
Mass Extinction - "Creation's Undoing" [Irl]
Mencea - "Dark Matter, Energy Noir" [Gré]
Misery Signals - "Controller" [E.U.A.]
Murdering Tripping Blues - "Knocking At The Backdoor Music" [Por]
Posidom - "A Deeper Kind Of Hate" [Por]
Primitive Reason - "Cast The Way" [Por]
Promethevs - "From Our Hearts" [Por]
Qwentin - "Première" [Por]
RC2 - "Future Awaits" [Esp]
Rizoma - "Insistir No Zero" [Por]
Shivan - "When Wishes Sicken" [Itá]
Skypho - "Nowhere, Neverland" [Por]
Soul Stealer - "Soul Stealer" [Lit]
Sybreed - "Antares" [Sui]
Textures - "Silhouettes" [Hol]
The Banner - "Frailty" [E.U.A.]
The Hottness - "Stay Classy" [E.U.A.]
The Sun Of Weakness - "Trompe L'Oeil" [Itá]
Undersave - "After The Domestication Comes The Manipulation" [Por]
Urskumug - "Am Nodr" [Lit]
Vlad In Tears - "Seed Of An Ancient Pain" [Itá]
Warrel Dane - "Praises To The War Machine" [E.U.A.]

3 Inches Of Blood - "Fire Up The Blades" [Can]
Akercocke - "Antichrist" [Ing]
A Life Once Lost - "Iron Gag" [E.U.A.]
[Before The Rain] - "...One Day Less" [Por]
Below The Line - "Ode To St. Chris" [Ing]
Blacksunrise - "Engulf The World In Frozen Flames" [Por]
Blood Red Throne - "Come Death" [Nor]
Boys Night Out - "Boys Night Out" [Can]
Cathedral - "The Garden Of Unearthly Delights" [Ing]
Dark Tranquility - "Fiction" [Sué]
Dead Hearts - "Bitter Verses" [E.U.A.]
Dead Poetic - "Vices" [E.U.A.]
Deathstars - "Termination Bliss" [Sué]
Dream Theater - "Systematic Chaos" [E.U.A.]
Ephel Duath - "Pain Remixes The Known" [Itá]
{F.E.V.E.R.} - "4st" [Por]
Fiona At Forty - "Bloodloss Is A Sport" [Por]
Full Blown Chaos - "Heavy Lies The Crown" [E.U.A.]
God Dethroned - "The Toxic Touch" [Hol]
He Is Legend - "Suck Out The Poison" [E.U.A.]
Hills Have Eyes - "All Doves Have Been Killed" [Por]
Impulso Atlântico - "Ataque Frontal" [Por]
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - "II" [E.U.A.]
Misery Signals - "Mirrors" [E.U.A.]
Municipal Waste - "The Art Of Partying" [E.U.A.]
My Shameful - "The Return To Nothing" [Fin]
Nahemah - "The Second Philosophy" [Esp]
Nocturnal Rites - "The 8th Sin" [Sué]
Painted Black - "Verbo" [Por]
Pitnoise - "Pitnoise" [Por]
Probation - "Sick Sounds Of Disorder" [Por]
Poison The Well - "Versions" [E.U.A.]
Process Of Guilt - "Renounce" [Por]
Profusions - "Paradigma" [Por]
Samael - "Solar Soul" [Sui]
See You Next Tuesday - "Parasite" [E.U.A.]
Solitude Aeternus - "Alone" [E.U.A.]
Sonata Arctica - "Unia" [Fin]
Sonic Syndicate - "Only Inhuman" [Sué]
Spoiled Fiction - "Way To Live" [Por]
S.S.S. - "Short Sharp Shock" [Ing]
Suffocation - "Suffocation" [E.U.A.]
The Awakening - "Razor Burn" [Áfr. Sul]
The Devil Wears Prada - "Plagues" [E.U.A.]
Therion - "Ghotic Kabbalah" [Sué]
Total Devastation - "Wreck" [Fin]
Trail Of Tears - "Existentia" [Nor]
Twelve Tribes - "Midwest Pandemic" [E.U.A.]
Týr - "Ragnarok" [Ilhas Faroé]
Vital Remains - "Icons Of Evil" [E.U.A.]
With Passion - "What We See When We Shut Our Eyes" [E.U.A.]

Ahab - "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" [Ale]
Assemblent - "Equilibrium" [Por]
Cannae - "Gold Becomes Sacrifice" [E.U.A.]
Comity - "...As Everything Is A Tragedy" [Fra]
Cripta Oculta/Nortada Gelada [Por]
Cult Of Luna - - "Somewhere Along The Highway" [Sué]
Dead Man In Reno - "Dead Man In Reno" [E.U.A.]
Decapitated - "Organic Hallucinosis" [Pol]
District - "Great Exit Lines" [Ing]
Edguy - "Rocket Ride" [Ale]
Firebird - "Hot Wings" [Ing]
Grave - "As Rapture Comes" [Sué]
Halo Of Shadows - "Manifesto" [Fin]
Hematoma - "For Yours We Wait" [Por]
Himsa - "Hail Horror" [E.U.A.]
Hyubris - "Hyubris" [Por]
Jorn - "The Duke" [Nor]
Kronos - "Symbolon" [Por]
Metalicídio - "Compilação de Metal Açoriano" [Por]
Neuraxis - "Trilateral Progression" [Can]
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - "21st Century Killing Machine" [Sué]
Phazer - "Revelations" [Por]
Prison Flag - "Misplaced" [Por]
Psychopathic Terror - "Fucker" [Fin]
Sacred Tears - "Whispers Of Loneliness" [Por]
Sevendust - "Next" [E.U.A.]
Seven Stitches - "The Face Alone Does Not Reveal The Man" [Por]
Spektr - "Near Death Experience" [Fra]
Switchtense - "Brainwash Show" [Por]
Terrorizer - "Darker Days Ahead" [E.U.A.]
Theatre Of Tragedy - "Storm" [Nor]
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - "Bloodlust" [E.U.A.]

All Shall Perish - "Hate.Malice.Revenge" [E.U.A.]
At Vance - "Chained" [Ale]
Belef - "Infection Purification" [Fra]
Belphegor - "Goatreich-Fleshcult" [Áus]
Beyond Twilight - "Section X" [Din]
Black Label Society - "Mafia" [E.U.A.]
Blacksunrise - "The Azrael" [Por]
Byzantine - "... And They Shall Take Up Serpents" [E.U.A.]
Crionics - "Armageddon's Evolution" [Pol]
Criptic Wintermoon - "Of Shadows... And The Dark Things You Fear" [Ale]
Crowbar - "Lifesblood For The Downtrodden" [E.U.A.]
Despised Icon - "The Healing Process" [Can]
Disbelief - "66Sick" [Ale]
Dream Theater - "Octavarium" [E.U.A.]
Ektomorf - "Instinct" [Hun]
Extol - "The Blueprint Dives" [Nor]
Hiffen - "Crashing" [Por]
James Labrie - "Elements Of Persuasion" [E.U.A.]
Lanfear - "Another Golden Rage" [Ale]
Meshuggah - "Catch Thirtythree" [Sué]
Neaera - "The Rising Tide Of Oblivion" [Ale]
Pitch Black - "Thrash Killing Machine" [Por]
Shadow Cut - "Pictures Of Death" [Fin]
Strapping Young Lad - "Alien" [E.U.A.]
Such A Surge - "Alpha" [Ale]
Supreme Majesty - "Elements Of Creation" [Sué]
Total Devastation - "Reclusion" [Fin]
Trail Of Tears - "Free Fall Into Fear" [Nor]
Visions Atlantis - "Cast Away" [Áus]

Altaria - "Divinity" [Fin]
Amplifier - "Amplifier" [Ing]
Anathema - "A Natural Disaster" [Ing]
Annihilator - "All For You" [E.U.A.]
Asrai - "Touch In The Dark" [Hol]
Atreyu - "The Curse" [E.U.A.]
Auf Der Maur - "Auf Der Maur" [E.U.A.]
Belphegor - "Lucifer Incestus" [Áus]
Beseech - "Drama" [Sué]
Blackfeather - "Dreaming In The Vastness Found" [Por]
Black Label Society - "Hangover Music Vol. VI" [E.U.A.]
Blake - "Starbringer" [Fin]
Blaze - "Blood & Belief" [Ing]
Bleeding Display - "Bleeding Promotion" [Por]
Bret Michaels - "Songs Of Life" [E.U.A.]
Cattle Decapitation - "Humanure" [E.U.A.]
Construcdead - "Violaded" [Sué]
Cradle Of Filth - "Nymphetamine" [Ing]
Cycles - "Paradise - World Of Sand" [Por]
Cynicon - "Cybernetic" [Nor]
Daargard - "Rise And Fall" [Áus]
Dark At Dawn - "Of Decay And Desire" [Ale]
Debase - "Unleashed" [Sué]
Demonoid - "Riders Of The Apocalypse" [Sué]
Devils Whorehouse - "Revelation Unorthodox" [Sué]
Disillusion - "Back To Times Of Splendour" [Ale]
Distant Thunder - "Welcome The End" [E.U.A.]
Domine - "Emperor Of The Black Runes" [Ita]
Doomshine - "Thy Kingdoom Come" [Ale]
Dream Theater - "Train Of Thought" [E.U.A.]
Dr. Salazar - "Dedo Na Ferida" [Por]
Dry Kill Logic - "The Dead And Dreaming" [E.U.A.]
Eisheilig - "Die Garten Des Herrn" [Ale]
Elvira Madigan - "- Witches - Salem (1692 vs. 2001)
Enid - "Gradwanderer" [Ale]
Esoteric - "Subsconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum" [Ing]
Evergrey - "The Inner Circle" [Sué]
Fake Moss - "It's You Against The City Tonight" [Sué]
[f.e.v.e.r.] - "Iconflict" [Por]
Fony - "Circles" [Ing]
Gemini Five - "Babylon Rockets" [Sué]
Goldenpyre - "Decrepidemic" [Por]
Harem Scarem - "Higher" [Can]
Hellfueled - "Volume One" [Sué]
Icon & The Black Roses - "Icon & The Black Roses" [Por]
Isor - "Post Mortem Peep Show" [Ing]
Izumi - "Izumi" [Por]
Johny Lima - "Made In California" [E.U.A.]
Korn - "Take A Look In The Mirror" [E.U.A.]
Last Tribe - "The Uncrowned" [Sué]
Ligeia - "Gloria" [Ale]
Lunaris - "Cyclic" [Nor]
Machine Men - "Scar & Wounds" [Fin]
Maryslim - "Split Vision" [Sué]
Maze Of Torment - "The Unmarked Graves" [Sué]
Metalium - "As One - Chapter Four - " [Ale]
Morbid Death - "Unlocked" [Por]
Morbius - "Morbivs" [Por]
Motograter - "Motograter" [E.U.A.]
Motörhead - "Inferno" [Ing]
My Dying Bride - "Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light" [Ing]
Nasty Savage - "Psycho Psycho" [E.U.A.]
Neospastics - "Plasticlove" [Sui]
Otep - "House Of Secrets" [E.U.A.]
Panic Cell - "Bitter Part Of Me" [Ing]
Perzonal War - "Faces" [Ale]
Pink Cream 69 - "Thunderdome" [Ale]
Pleasure And Pain - "Exit Gate" [Itá]
Quetzal's Feather - "... From The Ashes" [Por]
Ritchie Kotzen - "Change" [E.U.A.]
Saltatio Mortis - "Erwachen" [Ale]
Serpent Obscene - "Devastation" [Sué]
Steve Vai - "Various Artists - Archives Vol. 4" [E.U.A.]
Tankard - "Beast Of Bourbon" [Ale]
Tendrills - "Gray Area Zone" [Por]
The Haunted - "rEVOLVEr" [Sué]
Therion - "Lemuria/Sirius B" [Sué]
The Storyteller - "Tales Of A Holy Quest" [Sué]
The Wake - "Ode To My Misery" [Sué]
Tiles - "Window Dressing" [E.U.A.]
Today Is The Day - "Kiss The Pig" [E.U.A.]
Torchbearer - "Yersinia Pestis" [Sué]
Trinta & Um - "O Cavalo Mata" [Por]
Twentyinchburial - "Heavy Metal Is The Law" [Por]
Twilightning - "Delirium Veil" [Fin]
U.D.O. - "Thunderball" [Ale]
Unearth - "The Oncoming Storm" [E.U.A.]
Unjust - "Glow" [E.U.A.]
Virtuocity - "Northern Twilight Symphony" [Fin]
Voice - "Soulhunter" [Ale]
Zymosis - "Disharmonical Symphony Of Black Dimensions" [Por]

Amorphis - "Chapters" [Fin]
Cradle Of Filth - "Damnation And A Day" [Ing]
Dimmu Borgir - "Death Cult Armageddon" [Nor]
Elend - Winds Devouring Men" [Fra]
Evanescence - "Fallen" [E.U.A.]
(hed) Planet Earth [E.U.A.]
Ill Niño - "Confession" [E.U.A.]
Limp Bizkit - "Results May Vary" [E.U.A.]
Metallica - "St. Anger" [E.U.A.]
Nightwish - "End Of Innocence" [Fin]
Nile - "In The Beginning" [E.U.A.]
Nothingface - "Skeletons" [E.U.A.]
Penumbra - "Seclusion" [Fra]
Pleymo - "Keçkispasse?" [Fra]
P.O.D. - "Payable On Death" [E.U.A.]
Sacramentum - "Far Away From The Sun" [Sué]
Ramp - "Nude" [Por]
Re:Aktor - "Zero Order" [Por]
Sanguis Et Cinis - "Amnesia" [Áus]
Scarve - "Luminiferous" [Fra]
Soul Reaper - "Life Erazer" [Sué]
Staind - "14 Shades Of Grey" [E.U.A.]
Tad Morose - "Modus Vivendi" [Sué]
To/Die/For - "Jaded" [Fin]
Tragedy - "Guardian Of Twilight" [Por]
Vortex - "Go Away" [Por]
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